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Situated about 20 miles north of downtown Cincinnati and just past the I-275 and I-71 intersection, Mason is a fantastic city to raise a family in. Over 500 businesses are located in Mason, including over 90 corporations. Mason is home to several attractions, including King’s Island, The Beach Waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge, and the Cincinnati Masters Tennis Tournament. Despite everything located in Mason, it maintains its small town feel; being voted one the Best Cities Under 50,000. Mason’s public school district is Nationally Recognized and has received a perfect score on the State’s report card since 2000.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Square is located in the heart of Hyde Park, a Square that hosts over 175 shops, restaurants, and events. Though there are so many shops and businesses concentrated in Hyde Park, the residential streets retain a beautiful, quiet feel. Hyde Park is a very dog friendly neighborhood and also promotes wellness with bike lanes and sidewalks. Ault Park, situated between Hyde Park and Mount Lookout, has many walking trails, gardens, playgrounds, and a pavilion, is close enough to enjoy every day.


Bordering Hyde Park to the northeast, has a similar feel to its neighbor. Oakley Square has shops, restaurants, and attractions, as well as Oakley Theater, a popular venue for weddings and attractions. With the taverns in Oakley and surrounding neighborhoods and the wide variety of homes available, Oakley is a popular place to live for young professionals and families.

Mount Lookout

Mt. Lookout lies to the East of Hyde Park and South of Oakley, and too, has a Square with restaurants, taverns, businesses, and events. Mt. Lookout’s terrain tends to be much hillier than its neighbors. In addition to its proximity to Ault Park, Mt. Lookout features Alms park and its gorgeous views. Like Oakley, Mt. Lookout is a very popular neighborhood for young professionals and families. Mt. Lookout has easy access to Anderson Township and US Route 50, making it a very accessible location.

Anderson Tonwship

Anderson Township covers much of Hamilton County’s Southeast corner, between the Ohio and Little Miami Scenic Rivers. Anderson Township’s topography is comprised of rolling hills and breathtaking views. Anderson has dedicated itself to maintaining its beautiful scenery by becoming the first Ohio community to commit to the Greenspace program. Anderson is a highly sought after area to live not only for its beauty, but also for its low tax rates and lack of payroll tax. Despite this, the Township invests heavily in its public services and schools. Because of all these reasons, residents of Anderson enjoy steadily appreciating home values.

Blue Ash

Blue Ash has access to I-71, I-275, and Ronald Reagan Highway, making it one of the most accessible areas in Cincinnati. Blue Ash has state of the art amenities, including the Blue Ash Recreation Center, many parks, golf courses, and various concerts and festivals throughout the summer. Because of it’s convenient location, Blue Ash houses over 2,300 businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, hotels, restaurants, and shops. With its wide variety of homes, Blue Ash is a great place to live.


The Kenwood Towne Center is located in Kenwood, and is Cincinnati’s premier mall. Around the Kenwood Towne Center located right off I-71, business is booming for hundreds of small businesses, including professional offices, restaurants, and specialty shops. Kenwood’s quiet residential streets boast a variety of older and newer homes. Kenwood’s great location, south of Blue Ash, makes it a popular neighborhood.


The Village of Mariemont is a recognized as a National Historic Landmark, and rightfully so. Founded by Mary Emery, a philanthropist and benefactor in the 1920s, and was one of the first planned villages in the U.S. Mariemont’s downtown area features English Tudor inspired architecture in its various businesses, including the Mariemont Inn and Mariemont Theatre. The English architecture of the downtown is mirrored in Mariemont’s homes, seated on tree-lined boulevards. Mariemont prides itself on not only its walkability, but also the beauty of its Village, giving its residents an opportunity for a unique, healthy lifestyle.


Loveland has a picturesque historic downtown with a flare for the arts. There is an art gallery, Community Theater, and various small businesses with specialty items. Loveland also supports the arts through the Loveland Art Show, which is visited by over 3,000 art consumers annually. Small business is further promoted in Loveland with its weekly farmer’s market, which also holds activities for adults and children. Loveland is located on the nationally recognized Loveland Bike Trail, which spans almost 80 miles, and is a very popular Cincinnati trail which aspires to eventually connect Cincinnati regionally with outlying areas. Loveland has a wide variety of homes available, as it covers a large geographical region.


Milford, located on the outskirts of I-275 has a rural feel, with a quaint downtown filled with small businesses. There are a variety of homes and lots available in Milford, from historic farms to new homes. Milford supports an immense number of small businesses for its size, and this fact keeps Milford a tightknit, neighborly community. Milford offers its residents to live in a beautiful area with large open spaces, while still remaining relatively close to other areas of Cincinnati via I-275.

OTR (Over The Rhine)

Over-The-Rhine is at the forefront of quickly becoming one of Cincinnati’s most sought after downtown neighborhood to live in for young professionals. Currently going through a rejuvenation and renovation period, OTR has fabulously revitalized its historic Cincinnati Charm. OTR houses hundreds of small businesses, coffee shops, art galleries, restaurants, taverns, and shops. Because of its success, OTR has become a popular neighborhood for investors, entrepreneurs, and young professionals.

Downtown Cincinnati

Downtown Cincinnati is a fabulous place to live at any time in your life. Currently this is attracting young professionals and making a long waiting list for those who choose to make downtown their home. There is always something going on whether it be shopping, Reds or Bengal’s games, concerts, festivals, and entertainment areas such as The Banks and Newport on the Levee. (across the Ohio river in Kentucky) Many of the condos for sale downtown offer spectacular views of the river and OTR to the north. Washington Park, a recently renovated park in OTR, holds all kinds of festivals, shows, exercise classes, and has a special, blocked off dog park.

Pleasant Ridge

Pleasant Ridge is located just south of Kenwood in a wonderfully centralized location.

East Walnut Hills

East Walnut Hills is considered to be “Cincinnati’s first suburb,” located just north of Eden Park and Mt. Adams. East Walnut hills hosts numerous historic districts and homes, many of which are mansions undergoing revitalization. In addition to East Walnut Hill’s historic mansions, there are many single family and multi-unit homes available for purchase on East Walnut Hill’s mature tree lined streets. East Walnut Hills is home to a variety of churches, restaurants, shops, galleries, and salons, parks and schools, while preserving the community’s original beauty.

Mount Adams

Located directly East of downtown, Mt. Adams has some of the best views in Cincinnati. Mt. Adams is an eclectic neighborhood, and home to unparalleled nightlife and restaurants in Cincinnati. The real estate in Mt. Adams offers vast architectural character, though row houses are a popular style in Mt. Adams. With its close proximity to everything downtown and close by Eden Park, Mt. Adams is a wonderful place for young professionals, families, and those looking to invest.

Delhi Township

Delhi Township was appropriately nicknamed the “Floral Paradise of Ohio,” for the abundance of greenhouses previously dotted Delhi’s hills, storing most of the U.S.’ carnation stock during World War II. Since then, Delhi has kept the nickname for the way that the countryside meets the city in this beautiful Western township. Delhi now prides itself in being a quiet, tightknit bedroom community, and has gorgeous homes on large lots full of character and charm.

West Chester

Located in the Northwest Butler County, West Chester has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade, and rightfully so. Located just west of Mason, West Chester enjoys not only the perks Mason has to offer, but also some of its own. West Chester provides all the amenities of a big city while maintaining small town feel with its small tightknit neighborhoods. The Voice of America Park has sports fields, a dog park, and events such as kite festivals and air balloon launching. Whether you’d like to watch birds, take a walk, or play soccer, Voice of America Park is a great amenity for West Chester’s residents. With the new businesses constantly opening in West Chester, it makes it a great place to raise a family in a suburban atmosphere, while having all the perks of city resources.


Westwood is Cincinnati’s largest neighborhood, located on the West Side. Many prominent Cincinnatians built their homes in Westwood, including James Gamble. As such, Westwood features uniquely large, decorative mansions. Historically, Westwood was home to many German immigrants as well, and such features many single family homes, as well as condos and apartments. The charm of Westwood and its homes is what draws so many Cincinnatians so this area.